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The Lower Kinabatangan Sanctuary is one of the most important wildlife-based ecotourism destinations in Sabah. Visitor can enjoy dusk a down boat cruises along the river which provide exceptional view of proboscis monkeys and most of the ten other species of primates that make this forests their home. Patient visitors will be rewarded with the sight of hornbills and orangutans, and occasionally with glimpse of crocodiles or herds of elephants.

Overnight stay can be arranged in lodges at Sukau, Abai and Bilit. There are two ways to reach Sukau area from Sandakan Town, one is by boat all the way which may take 2 hours cruising up the Kinabatangan River or the other is to take a 2hrs van or coach ride on asphalt road to the Sukau - Kinabatangan area.

River cruises in the early morning and late afternoon are the highlights as the chances of spotting wild animals are better.

The flourishment of eco-tourism in Sukau-Kinabatangan Sanctuary, we hope, will ensure a viable way of protecting the forest and its wildlife as well as promoting welfare of the local communities.

Gomantong Cave
Gomantong Cave is located in the lower Kinabatangan area and the caves have become a major tourist attraction in Sabah. Gomatong is the largest limestone hill and the most important source of edible bird nests in Sabah. Tourists visiting the cave during harvesting season can see local collectors dangle from the roof of the cave on ladders made of rattan and bamboo collecting the nests produced by the swiftlets. Described by WWF as 'the best-managed edible bird's nest cave in the world', Gomantong Caves have been the focus for bird's nests for centuries.

Caves are situated in the heartland of the Gomantong Rainforest Reserve, the caves and the surrounding areas are a protected area for wildlife, especially orangutans.

The cave system is home to many other animals, including massive populations of cockroaches and bats. Outside one can see crested serpent eagles, kingfishers, and Asian fairy bluebirds. Every evening, million resident bats spiral out for their evening feed.

An overland trip to Sukau-Kinabatangan usually includes a short excursion to Gomantong Cave.